Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

What's on the needles today? I usually have several things in the works and today is no different.  

I'm very excited to say that I will be designing the pattern for January's mystery mitt pattern in the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics group on Ravelry.  I am waiting for some yarn to knit the prototype.  I can't say too much, but I'm really geeked about the traveling stitches in this pattern.

My back burner project is a Punto Cowl.  The pattern is by Anjali M and was the original inspiration for my Punto Mitts.  I gave away the original cowl, so now I'm knitting one for me.  I'm using it as reward knitting.  Every time I finish a Christmas gift, I knit a few rows on my cowl.  Here is my progress so far!

I am finishing a couple of test knits for Triona and for Kate

Triona is working on a pattern for fingerless mitts. I haven't taken any pictures, but I hope they will be done this evening.  Then I need the weather to brighten, so I can get some decent pictures.  Here is the swatch from my Keelback Hat that will match the mitts. 

Kate's pattern is this amazing cowl!  The pattern is so very cool.  It looks incredible in a how-did-she-do-that kind of way.  

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